Frozen Yogurt Nutrition Facts

Enjoy a Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt for a Satisfying, Healthy Treat! It’s hard to believe it is actually good for you. The smooth and creamy taste will have you coming back for more. Yogurt cultures include S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis, L. acidophilus, and Bifidobaterium that help support a balanced digestive tract.

Our Frozen Yogurt helps you Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Great Source of Calcium • Low in Cholesterol • Low in Sodium
High Levels of Live and Active Yogurt Cultures

Live and Active Cultures Seal

LAC Kosher LogoIn order to carry the National Yogurt Association’s Live and Active Culture (LAC) seal, frozen yogurt must contain at least 10 million cultures per gram at the time of manufacture. Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt’s sweet flavors contain a minimum of 100 million cultures per gram and the tart varieties have at least 300 million cultures per gram.To learn more about frozen yogurt nutrition and the NYA’s LAC seal visit:

Kosher Certified

Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt is proud to have its frozen yogurt Kosher certified by The Orthodox Union. OU-D applies to our frozen yogurt products only and does not cover the retail establishment. OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher is the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency, certifying more than 500,000 producst produced in over 6,000 plants located in 80 countries around the world. The OU, termed a “coveted seal of approval” by The New York Times, is one of the worlds best-known trademarks. More information can be found at

Gluten Free

gluten free textAll Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt flavors, with the exception of those listed below, are gluten free. You may want to consult with a dietician or your physician before adding a new product to your eating program.

The following flavors contain gluten: Red Velvet Cake, Cake Batter, Whoppers™ Angel Food Cake, Thin Mint Cookies and Cookies n’ Cream

Nonfat Frozen Yogurt

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Most of our yogurts are fat-free and contain less than .5 grams of fat per serving. Depending on the frozen yogurt flavor, each 4 ounce serving contains between 100 to 110 calories.

Lowfat and Premium Frozen Yogurt

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Even our Lowfat and Premium Frozen Yogurt range from 1 gram to 5 grams of dairy butter fat per serving. This small amount of butter fat allows Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt to present to you a smooth and creamy product with a fraction of the calories in a premium ice cream product. In addition, Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt contains live and active yogurt cultures.

Here at Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt we have frozen yogurt to please everyone. Are you on a No-Sugar Diet or perhaps you want to remove Gluten from your diet. Since Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt is cultured and fermented, lactose intolerant individuals can also enjoy a smooth and creamy desert.

Nonfat No-Sugar-Added Frozen Yogurt

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Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy frozen yogurt, even if your lifestyle includes weight management or controlling your sugar intake for health reasons, like diabetes. Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt No Sugar Added (NSA) frozen yogurt is nonfat and does not have any added sugars. Remember that since frozen yogurt is made from milk, there are some naturally occurring milk sugars (lactose) in the product and some naturally occurring sugars from the fruit in fruit flavors. Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt (NSA) frozen yogurt is sweetened with sucralose and Ace-K sweeteners.

Nonfat Non-Dairy Sorbet

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All sorbets are non-dairy and made with 100% All-Natural flavors. Made with real fruit juice there is no fat, sodium or cholesterol. Our sorbets have No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Modified Food Starch and are Gluten Free.

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