After researching the frozen yogurt business for nearly a year, the Wagner family decided that their hometown of Horsham, PA was the perfect place to bring a local independent family owned, high quality frozen yogurt shop.

While attending college, owner, Stephanie Wagner, lived in Nashville, TN. After graduating as a marketing and graphic communication student from Middle Tennessee State University, she worked at a Fortune 500 company while obtaining her MBA and was looking to move back to her home state of Pennsylvania.

After visiting countless frozen yogurt shops that were popping up around her in the south she was intrigued by the concept and decided that the self-serve concept would be a perfect fit back home in Pennsylvania. When her parents came to visit she made them believers and the quest was on to find the perfect product and refine the concept.

Stephanie wanted to make her new location a premier frozen yogurt destination that would allow families to relax and enjoy a fun self-serve experience. Friendly service along with some southern charm would be the key for this new cafe.

After looking at franchise models, the Wagner’s decided they would proceed themselves and create their own independently owned yogurt cafe. They already had the perfect resources to build their store. Stephanie’s father, Michael, a 40 year local business owner of Wagner Contractors, Inc. would bring her vision to life while Stephanie and her mother, Betty, attended a university to learn about yogurt.

With their collective backgrounds in business administration, construction, technology, marketing, graphic communications, and web design, Simply Twisted Frozen Yogurt was born!

We are proud to serve the same community that we were born in, went to school in, and went to work in. Thank you Hatboro-Horsham for letting us become your local neighborhood frozen yogurt shop.

A year later we had the opportunity to expand our venture into the Blue Bell community next to the Radice Restaurant. We were very excited that we would have the opportunity to have a quaint and cozy outside seating area. Our Blue Bell store has given us the opportunity to branch out a bit. We are offering Italian Ice or Water Ice as it is known in Philly along with assorted chocolate sweets and fudge.

With mixed emotions we let our Horsham location go in early 2014. With an offer on the table and a marriage in the works it was the right decision. We hope our Hatboro-Horsham friends and family will stop by and see us in Blue Bell. We will certainly miss you.

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